Italy Fines Apple $12 Million for iPhone Water-Resistant False Claims

Dec 02, 2020 News

Italy Fines Apple $12 Million for iPhone Water-Resistant False Claims

Apple is known for the way they market their products, using methods that are sure to bring about a great deal of users on their products, and maximize sales to the largest capacity possible. However, one could argue that sometimes their quest for sales might get a little too harsh and aggressive, and might hurt the users in some cases. Italy has one such problem highlighted from Apple, as they were not having any of it from the iPhone maker.

Italy has now sued or fined Apple a whopping $12 million over misleading marketing tactics and spreading lies with their selling strategies. The exact issue that was raised by the Italian government was that Apple was extremely overselling their phones’ ability to be waterproof, which was to a large extent false and was not at all accurate with how Apple was depicting it to be.

Apple has said that its phones have been waterproof for quite some time now, and it has raised a few questions as to how accurate might that claim be. Well, in one such example situation tested by the Italian authorities, it was revealed that Apple phones cannot remain water resistant for 30 minutes in waters of depth of 4 metres. This situation was claimed by Apple to be compliant with their waterproof capacity of their phones - however, it was revealed that it was only true for a lab-controlled test with pure water used, which made it completely impractical and inaccurate for real world usage.

All in all, probably the only thing Apple has going on for them is the fact that it asks users not to take their phone along them on a swim - something that might not help them win the case here. This isn’t the first time the company has gotten into trouble either, as they’ve also been accused and proved of slowing down their old phones with software updates as time passes.

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