Isolated? Here Are 5 Tips To Stay Connected Through Messenger

Jun 01, 2020 App News

Isolated? Here Are 5 Tips To Stay  Connected Through Messenger

Amongst the recent coronavirus pandemic situation, everyone is affected all around the world and people are having to quarantine themselves at home for the time being. No going out, no socializing or partying with friends, or going over to your mom’s house to have her signature dish on the weekends. It certainly is hard to deal with being stuck at home with nothing else to do and no one to meet up with. However, that doesn’t mean you have to get disconnected from the world. Social media for years has helped people to talk to each other through long distances, and stay in touch regularly even without meeting. That aspect of the internet world is called upon severely in such times of crisis, as more and more people are looking to turn to apps like Messenger to contact their loved ones.

You don’t need to worry about all that though, because with the help of Messenger, we’re going to give you 5 tips on how you can make sure you stay close with your friends and family during the lockdown.

1.) Send GIFs And Stickers

Texting may be fun and all - but is it as fun as sending stickers and GIFs to better resonate your reactions to your friends and family? Annoyed at something your best mate just said? Send a GIF by searching “annoyed” in the personal search bar in Messenger, and find one that fits how you currently feel right now and hit send! It will surely make all your conversations a little more fun.

2.) Make Use Of The AR Filters

Well, normal pics aren’t enough for you? Head over to the built-in camera in Messenger, and try out all the new cool AR filters inside the app, which totally transform you and make you turn into something else. Our favorite ones include one where you turn into a fire-breathing dragon, and the one where the app places make up on your face to turn you into a super-model in a second!

3.) Send Voice Messages

Voice messages are genuinely underrated. Through the app, you can send others voice messages of maximum 1 minute to convey a long story quickly or if you want to add more emotions and intensity to what you’re trying to say, then the voice message feature can always be useful. Moreover, you obviously want to hear the voice of your loved ones every now and then don’t you?

4.) Try Out The 15 Second Video Messages

From the in-app camera, you can send 15 second long video messages to other peoplealmost instantly. You can record a quick message like a birthday wish and send it to a family member or friend. You can even capture your environment or the views from your place currently within 15 seconds, and send it easily.

5.) Send Videos Upto 4K Resolution

Don’t want to capture a 15 second video of a lower quality? No problem! You can even send already taken videos in your phone gallery directly to someone else on messenger in upto 4K quality. That is absurd to think of, and can open the door for many possibilities, like sharing clips from music videos and what not.

All in all, we’re sure that Messenger won’t let you down when it comes to conversing with your close friends and relatives, and that all these tips will help enhance your discussions even further.

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