Is Honor V40 Easy To Use? It’s Demand Is Higher Than iPhone 12.

Feb 19, 2021 News

Is Honor V40 Easy To Use? It’s Demand Is Higher Than iPhone 12.

Although Density 1000+ is not as good as Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, it is optimized for glory. The new generation GPU Turbo X, with Hunter Boost, fully taps the performance potential and non-mobile phones’ fluency.

Glory, which is independent of Huawei, draws the essence from the camera. RYYB super-sensing technology is a masterpiece, and the camera performance of the Honor V40 is still outstanding.

However, the price-performance ratio of the new Honor machine is not good enough. There are many models equipped with Dimensity 1000+ chips, and some have been on the market early, and prices have begun to loosen. Honor V40 is not competitive enough for the same configuration models.


The author believes that for the Honor V40, depends on the timing to "make friends."

However, after the Honor V40, there are still many small partners who choose to start immediately.

How is their hands-on experience?

Sharing here some reviews from it’s users and I have been impressed by the value of Honor V40.

huawei mobile

The most impressive thing about the Honor V40 is that it’s appearance is attractive and highly recognizable. The whole machine is very light and thin, and the hands-on experience is excellent.

Huawei's flagship performs very well in the high-end market. The Huawei flagship shadows the glory of this mobile phone.

Some non-gaming light users will choose the Honor V40. Compared with other Dimensity 1000+ models, the Honor optimization is quite good, and it is sufficient for daily tasks.

Huawei v40

iQiquer compiled the public data on some platforms and found that the praise rate of Honor V40 is relatively high.

First of all, in terms of the number of positive reviews, Honor V40 is not the most, and the number of single-platform reviews is only over 10,000. It shows from the side that the sales volume of the machine is indeed general.

However, the number of comments is small, and the content of some netizens' comments makes people cry.

"Always support domestic products and hope that the glory will get better and better!"

"I have always been a user of Honor, and I have seen Honor's efforts to make up for its shortcomings."

"This model is not equipped with a better chip, and it does not inherit a good price position, but buying it today is also the support and expectation of old users for the future of glory. When you are reborn in Nirvana, you will return with glory."

Looking at the praise rate of Honor V40 again, the author found that it is higher than Xiaomi 11 and Apple iPhone 12.

Xiaomi 11

The sales of Xiaomi Mi 11 have long exceeded 1 million, and the number of positive reviews on an e-commerce platform is more than 200,000, which is much higher than the Honor V40.

But Xiaomi 11's praise rate is only 91%, 4% lower than Honor V40, and the gap is quite large.

Apple iPhone 12 is the best-selling Apple 5G mobile phone. Its cumulative sales are very high, with a single platform rating of more than 500,000 and a favorable rating of 94%, which is not as good as the Honor V40.


Although the number of good reviews of the Honor V40 is small, the author believes it has enough reference value. The praise rate is higher than that of the hot-selling models of Apple and Xiaomi, which shows that the Honor V40 does impress users.

Concerning previous years' practice, the price of Honor models has a lot of room for adjustment. If you like this phone but not satisfied with its worth, I believe that the Honor V40 may become a real fragrance machine when the time is right.

Have you tried Honor V40?

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