iPhone SE II Review: Should You Spend $400?

May 15, 2020 Reviews

iPhone SE II Review: Should You Spend $400?

The first generation of the iPhone SE was much loved by Apple fans and Android fans alike. It provided excellent performance at a much lower price than its flagship phones, and back in the day when small displays were a norm, the phone passed as an overwhelming success. However, a 4.7” display in 2020 - will that be acceptable?

The Good

There is a lot good about the iPhone SE 2 and in many ways, it’s a leap towards the right direction from Apple. Caring about users who cannot spend a 1000 bucks on the flagship models is vital to grow a larger consumer list, which is mainly what has kept Samsung on top of the market when it comes to shares. A phone for 400 dollars is very unlike Apple, but it surely has earned the company a lot more users.

The inclusion of the A13 bionic chip has seen the SE 2 become one of the fastest phones in the market, also thanks to a lower resolution display. The chip not only helps the phone perform great, but also aids in the camera department.

The new mid-range device from Apple is not only fast, but it also has one of the best smartphone cameras as well - not just in the midrange region, but of any smartphone. It takes crisp, vivid photos that we know and love from Apple’s top phones, and the video quality is no different as well. Iphones have always had the best video cameras, and the SE 2 fits in that category without any problem as well.

The Bad

We just cannot overlook the fact that Apple has included the same old design from the iPhone 8, and a screen size of 4.7” just doesn’t cut it in 2020. Now sure, some people prefer smaller screens, but the majority of smartphone users would prefer a large screen due to daily media consumption which is always more pleasurable on a bigger screen.

Moreover, the battery life also leaves much to be desired, even with the efficient A13 bionic and the smaller screen. It may give you 4-5 hours of on-screen time, but it in no way matches the battery life of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.


All in all, the SE 2 is a positive move from Apple, and one which will make the users feel like their voice and demands are heard. Apple will certainly have nothing to lose with this model, and will probably see a spike in shares because of the top-notch camera and performance - two things which most users value the most in a smartphone. However, we do feel that at this price point, you could get a better overall smartphone from Huawei or Xiaomi with a much better display.

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