iPhone 12's Production To Begin From Next Month

Jun 10, 2020 News

iPhone 12's Production To Begin From Next Month

Whilst everyone had been waiting for the news of when the 12th generation of iPhones will release, we finally have information of when the phones might come out. Apple is surely one of the most loved companies out there, and their phones probably have the most loyal user base out of any other phone manufacturer, or any manufacturer to be honest. Apple makes sure that its users stay within the Apple family, and don’t leave it because of the ecosystem that the company provides, which includes iMessage, Apple Watch Series, Macbook and a lot more. With all these devices having the capability of syncing so well together, it would be a waste to not upgrade your current device to yet another iPhone. 

Now we have seen one Apple device being launched in 2020, and that’s the iPhone SE 2 a few months ago. The SE received a lot of praise for the package it provided in the small price tag it comes with. However, the biggest issue is that the price tag isn’t the only thing that’s small on this device; the screen size is too - and boy oh boy is it small for the standards of 2020. We don’t even get 5” of display real estate, as the phone only ships with a 4.7” screen - but that’s enough about the SE. 

iPhone 12 series are expected to complete their engineering testing by the end of June, and July will be their period to start mass producing their phones for the public. Apple will likely be producing all of the 4 variants of iPhone it’s expected to release, but we’re not sure if they will release all of the versions together. However, if the volume production will begin in July, we can very well expect the series to be in the market for public consumption in 2020 itself, maybe even by fall. 

The series will feature 4 versions, being the iPhone 12, the 12 Max, the 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max. Now we don’t know if we’re only getting the 12 and 12 Max this year, and the latter 2 in 2021, but we won’t be complaining in any situation given to us. The 12 base variant will feature a 5.4” display, and the same new A14 that will be on the other versions as well. The 12 Max will add a few inches in screen size, as it will be shipping with a bigger, 6.1” display instead. Camera performance should be expected to be one of the best in-class, if not the best - which is usually the case with iPhones. Battery life will be an interesting aspect to consider in the new iPhones, as Apple has been on a gradual growth with improved battery life on their phones after each year. The screens will not be made by Samsung entirely this year as was the case previously; now, Apple is also trying to get LG to produce screens for them and that’s why they’ve been given about 25% of the total screen production responsibility, with Samsung still carrying the majority of the load. 

We all know that Apple only produces quality products, and the new 12 series should be expected to reside in a similar spot and space in the smartphone market, as iPhones have always been. 

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