iPhone 12s OR iPhone 13 Features Upgraded Ultra-Wide Camera, Supports 120Hz High Brush, Under-Screen Fingerprint

Feb 04, 2021 News

iPhone 12s OR iPhone 13 Features Upgraded Ultra-Wide Camera, Supports 120Hz High Brush, Under-Screen Fingerprint

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Recently, a domestic whistleblower released a rendering of the top-of-the-line iPhone 12s series, exposing the appearance design and some hardware configurations of the phone. 

According to the picture, the iPhone 12s Pro Max model exposed this time, its appearance has not changed much from the current iPhone 12 series. This is also the old tradition of Apple's product line. The iPhone products with the "S" suffix in the past are basically Inherit the appearance design of the previous generation, focusing on the upgrade of internal software and hardware. 

From the picture point of view, the biggest change of the iPhone 12s Pro Max is that the three-camera module on the back is blackened, and the overall sense of the camera module is significantly reduced. Compared with the current iPhone 12 series, the camera module is deliberately highlighted. Be low-key. 

It is a pity that Apple will cancel the bangs screen and Face ID design before it has not been realized. The bangs area still exists on the top of the screen, but it will also introduce fingerprint recognition under the screen to deal with the current situation where face recognition cannot be performed with a mask. 

In addition to the fingerprints under the screen, the iPhone 12s Pro Max screen will also be upgraded to 120Hz high-swipe screen. It uses the LTPO screen provided by Samsung, which can support intelligent adjustment of the screen refresh rate and can automatically switch between 1-120Hz. This is the first time Apple has the mobile phone which is equipped with a high-swipe screen. 

In terms of performance, iPhone 12s Pro Max will upgrade Apple’s A15 processor, using TSMC's second-generation 5nm process, with higher performance and lower power consumption, supporting the latest WiFi 6E, and also providing support for 8K HDR 45FPS video shooting. But it also requires more storage space. 

Apple will provide the iPhone 12s Pro Max with a storage version up to 1TB. According to the previous pricing strategy of iPhone products, the final price of the iPhone 12s Pro Max may exceed 15,000 yuan. 

Source: Tech Sina

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