iPhone 12 To Feature A High-End Camera Setup

Jul 08, 2020 News

iPhone 12 To Feature A High-End Camera Setup

Apple has always been keen to present their phones in a way that will please the masses. They’ve used clever strategies to make sure the important aspects of a smartphone in the eyes of most of their targeted users are better on their iPhones than any other Android phone in the market. Now the camera setup on mobile phones are one of the main factors that results in people liking or dislike a phone - and iPhones have always remained around the top of the camera game for a long time. The iPhone 11 Pro threw it out of the ballpark as it’s considered to be the best smartphone camera currently.

However, it doesn’t end there. We may see an even better camera setup on the iPhone 12 series, as we’ve gotten rumours that the upcoming Apple phone will feature a “high-end” camera lens setup at the back. The high-end is unspecific, but it could mean that the lenses installed on the iPhone 12 devices will be much closer to professional lenses seen on proper cameras. We could even see a LIDAR sensor at the back of the iPhone 12, which Apple can use for various different features.

The process of manufacturing these lenses for the new iPhones has gotten delayed by a few weeks, which should push the release of the phones as well. However, Apple seems to be fully determined to launch their new flagship phone lineup in 2020 itself, which wasn’t deemed a possibility before. We’ll have to wait and see as to how the new iPhone 12 series will pan out, and whether or not it will feature innovative hardware and software or not.

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