iPhone 12 Release To Be Slightly Delayed

Jul 31, 2020 News

iPhone 12 Release To Be Slightly Delayed

Coronavirus has affected millions of lives worldwide, if not billions, and a lot of things have changed, be it for organizations and businesses, or just common people in general. Delays, cancellations and the lack of orders from customers due to safety issues has created a huge issue for companies, and they’re trying their best to minimize the loss that’s bound to come their way due to the virus. This seems to have affected a powerhouse company in Apple as well, as the CFO, Luca Maestri spoke to TechCrunch about how the release of the upcoming iPhone devices might get delayed this year.

The CFO talked about how the COVID-19 situation has affected the manufacturing of the upcoming lineup of iPhone devices this year, and how that will push back the release date of the phones several weeks back. Apple usually unveils and releases their annual smartphones in September, and makes them available in stores in a couple of weeks time as well. Even if the company doesn’t actually put the phones for sale in stores, it’s likely that they’ll unveil and announce the devices in September itself. We say that because it was seen with the iPhone X how it was announced in September, but was rolled out in stores in November.

Maestri didn’t go much into details about this situation at hand for Apple, so all we know is that we will have to wait a few extra weeks for the phone to come out as compared to its usual release date. Hopefully we can see it physically by October, and that it doesn’t get dragged on further than that.

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