iPhone 12 Pro To Finally Include This Big Feature

Jun 29, 2020 News

iPhone 12 Pro To Finally Include This Big Feature

There’s absolutely no doubt that iPhones are the most hyped and anticipated mobile phones in the world globally. There’s more noise on the latest iPhone coming out, and the relevant information, than any other mobile device in existence. That’s just due to the loyal fanbase Apple has amalgamated across the years of it being a global powerhouse in the tech world. We’ve also seen the mega tech company taking steps in the right direction in the favour of the consumers, with the features of iOS 14 being one, and that’s why the excitement may be at an all time high this time around the latest iPhone 12 series coming out.

Every year we see a unique trend that’s followed by every single smartphone, and it sort of becomes the standard, in even lower-end devices. Last year was in-display fingerprint scanners, the year before that was notch displays, and this year it’s all about high refresh rate displays. We’ve seen every single top device feature a 90 or 120Hz display this year, and we’ve also seen the display being used in mid-range devices like the Realme 6. For those reasons, it’s become more important than ever for Apple to include the high refresh rate displays on their upcoming premium flagships as well - and from credible leaks, it looks like they are going for it after all.

The tweet made from ice universe, who delivers solid leads on leaks and rumours for upcoming devices, mentions how the user got news from a trusted source about the iPhone 12 Pro versions featuring a 120Hz display, with the base variants only sporting a 60Hz one. This could be understandable though, considering the iPhone 12 base version will come at as low as about 550 bucks according to rumours.

We can’t wait to use the new iPhones with the top refresh rate in the displays, as it will finally be able to rival the likes of Samsung in the display department as well.

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