iPhone 12 Mini Faces A Decline In Sales, But Apple Has Not Given Up On The 5.4-Inch Model

Feb 16, 2021 News

iPhone 12 Mini Faces A Decline In Sales, But Apple Has Not Given Up On The 5.4-Inch Model

The recent reports claim that Apple's iPhone 12 mini faced a downturn in revenue. It is expected that Apple will retain this 5.4-inch smallest iPhone model in its upcoming iPhone 13 series.

The iPhone 12 mini is the smallest iPhone released since the iPhone SE in 2016, but its sales fell short of Apple's expectations, accounting for only 6% of the iPhone 12 sales in the United States in October.

In late January, Morgan Stanley investment report stated that Apple had cut the production of "iPhone 12 mini" by 2 million units, thereby freeing up more capacity for the more popular iPhone 12 Pro. After a related industry chain report, citing supply chain sources seemed to confirm this statement. The strong demand for iPhone 12 Pro in China and other countries prompted Apple to increase the supply of higher-priced models.

In February of this year, Counterpoint Research's analysis continued the same theme, claiming that the iPhone 12 mini accounted for only 5% of the US iPhone 12 sales in the first half of January.

Although small-screen mobile phones are generally satisfied with the audience, it is also true that they are not selling well. One of the reasons for users' analysis is that Apple has launched the smallest iPhone 12 model to target the US and European markets. Still, the global health crisis has affected sales in these regions, resulting in a reduction in iPhone 12 mini orders.

In theory, people spend more time at home during the lockout period, and smartphone users are watching more content on their devices, so they hope to enjoy it with a larger screen. As a result, users do not have much opportunity to carry the convenience of a smaller mobile phone while traveling, and the pandemic causes it.

China has not been severely affected by the pandemic. Historically, the East Asian market favors larger-screen phones, which puts the iPhone 12 mini at a disadvantage in these regions. Of course, there are also price factors. Products such as the $399 iPhone SE, the $499 iPhone XR, and the $599 iPhone 11 are still selling, which also causes users to pay less attention to the 12 mini.

Apple is planning to stop producing the "iPhone 12 mini" in the second quarter of 2021. Apple has not given up on the 5.4-inch model, and it is widely expected that they will still be reserved for the iPhone 13 series launched this fall.

This information is reflected in the iPhone 13 series's earliest rumors, emphasizing that Apple will follow the same lineup of three screen models and four product models as the iPhone 12. Indeed, Apple will plan the production and supply chain operations of its "iPhone 13" in advance. If the reason for the low sales of the "iPhone 12 mini" is apparent, then Apple is likely to expect demand for the iPhone 13 mini to pick up. As the pandemic ends, its target market will return.

Last weekend, the whistleblower Jon Prosser claimed that the iPhone 13 mini would indeed come out later this year, with a statement that there will be no new so-called 2021 iPhone SE, which may reduce the revenue of the iPhone 12 mini.

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