iPhone 12 May Not Ship With A Charger

Jul 04, 2020 News

iPhone 12 May Not Ship With A Charger

Apple is always up to weird things and making changes to appear different from the rest of the pack. Sometimes these changes work out amongst the masses, and are taken positively, and sometimes they are received with hostile reactions from the majority of apple users. The notch introduction was mainly popularized by them, and it had very polarizing views amongst fans and critics. The implementations with their softwares and all the changes that they’ve brought to iOS 14 as well; it’s always a see-saw situation for the company.

Now they’re bringing another such change to their products, and it’s going to be a significant one. Future Apple devices may not ship with a charger, or earphones right out of the box. Now stay with us on this one - it does sound absolutely ridiculous that Apple is thinking of doing this, and it being the most Apple thing they could’ve done; and it sounds okay till the earphones part as well, but the charger aspect is preposterous from their end. However, it may be a good decision after all - for the company, the environment and partly for users as well.

The thing is, as famous Youtuber Marquees Brownlee or MKBHD described it, getting a new iPhone without a charger will be like getting a new DSLR camera without the basic kit lens. You most likely will have better lenses with you before buying the camera; but if you want the basic lens anyways, you can pay a little extra for it and get it at a discounted price. Similarly, most users looking to buy the latest iPhone will already have an iPhone charger sitting at home from previous versions of the smartphone, and much better ones than the basic charger Apple is going to provide in the box. So it seems much better to not provide the charger in the box at all as a default setting, and allow users to opt for a basic charger in the box if they want one.

Apple is trying to reduce wastage and extra manufacturing costs which will just be for nothing because users already have chargers at home for the most part. Anker’s CEO was interviewed not so long ago, and he estimated that there is about 300,000 tons of e-waste from these in-box chargers alone. A huge part of that waste is going to be from Apple, and they want to fix that and that’s good on them. This can also help the company reduce their packaging size, and fit way more units in a single shipping that they could previously.

We feel as if this is a good decision by Apple, but we also understand why the general public is furious about this decision. Hopefully Apple reduces about 50 or so bucks from the original price of the iPhones to compensate for the step taken.

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