iPhone 11 Will Get A $150 Price Cut When The iPhone 12 Releases

Aug 22, 2020 News

iPhone 11 Will Get A $150 Price Cut When The iPhone 12 Releases

It’s that time of the year once again where Apple provides the world with the unveiling of its newest flagships coming to the market, as it will be the turn of the iPhone 12 series this year. And just like every year, whenever Apple releases a new line of devices, it always reduces the prices of its previous phones by a significant amount. Last time when the iPhone 11 dropped, the California based company reduced the price of the XR from 750 to 550 bucks - making it a great mid range device for all users. This year, once the iPhone 12 phones drop, Apple is expected to drop the price of the iPhone 11 from $700 to $550 - again making it an amazing buy at the price.

This was stated by a renowned apple leaker, as they said that Apple will be discounting the prices of the iPhone 11 by a solid 150 bucks, whereas the other models, being the XR, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are going to get discontinued by Apple. Even though it seems like it’s a bad move by Apple to discontinue the other models, the pricing is likely to clash with the new iPhones already or coming to the market i.e the XR would clash with the new iPhone SE and that would create a huge problem for Apple in terms of sales. Similarly, it’s more important for Apple to market the Pro and Pro Max variants of the iPhone 12 lineup, and so discontinuing the previous iPhone’s variants is inevitable.

iPhone 11: The Next Best Mid Range Device?

iPhone 11 will be coming in at a speculated 550 bucks - a great deal for the specs it comes with. The A13 bionic is more than just capable of running even the heaviest of tasks and is definitely flagship worthy - and will remain so for the next year or two. The display is of quality as well, with unlike the other cheaper device from Apple being the SE, it has a display design that falls well within the 2020 standards. The build quality is obviously top-notch as well - and do we even need to talk about the iPhone’s camera quality?

It will be interesting to see how Apple manages to deal with their pricing, as it shows that they’re more oriented towards the mid range market now compared to previous years. The iPhone 12 5G is also expected to start at 650 dollars - a price we’ve never seen associated with a fresh flagship iPhone.

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