iPad Pro 2021 and Magic Keyboard May Launch Next Tuesday

Apr 08, 2021 News

iPad Pro 2021 and Magic Keyboard May Launch Next Tuesday

According to the grapevine, the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard may debut as early as next week. However, due to the current health crisis, Apple is likely not to use physical activities or even pre-recorded announcements. In contrast, it can be done through a simple press conference, which Apple has taken since last year due to the epidemic.

The same source also said that AirTags has been postponed and probably will not be part of the release. According to LeaksApplePro, the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard may unveil at a press conference next Tuesday. If you remember, the iPad Pro release in 2020 also happened in the same way, so it will not be shocking if history repeats itself. Still, the AirTags that was initially expected to be released this month is postponed again.

There have been rumours that iPad Pro 2021 may launch in mid-April. Seeing that next Tuesday is April 13, this rumour should be correct. Regrettably, the informant's latest tweet did not say whether Apple will launch both the 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro simultaneously or insist on releasing a single model. Various rumours have pointed out that only the large iPad Pro will use a mini-LED screen, and the minor version will only improve specifications.

The new 2021 iPad Pro series may use the new A14X Bionic chipset, which is said to have the same performance as the M1 in the latest Mac. Also, these may be the first products of Apple's many tablets to receive 5G support and 6GB of memory. Unfortunately, Apple may stick to the same design as last year. As for the Magic Keyboard, we don't believe there will be any significant design changes.

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