iPad Air 4 Is Coming Soon And It's Faster Than Ever

Oct 03, 2020 News

iPad Air 4 Is Coming Soon And It's Faster Than Ever

It’s 2020 right now, and even though it doesn’t happen as often now, but still now and then we get to hear arguments of Android vs iOS, and which side is better and if Apple is the best phone manufacturer or other Android based phone makers like Samsung or OnePlus. A major factor that phone enthusiasts talk about when making the Apple vs Android argument is performance - and it definitely is a big thing to consider when making a smartphone purchase. We recently got to hear about the new iPad Air 4 in the market by Apple, as initially we didn’t find the benchmarks too dominating or impressive - because of how Apple said they’ll be focusing on the efficiency rather than power in the new A14 bionic inside of their new tablet.

However, after a recently leaked benchmark result from a twitter tipper, we have gotten results that completely sets the performance of the A14 bionic apart from any Android chipset out there.

The single and multi-core results of the iPad 4 Air are insane - as they both put the A14 bionic miles ahead of its competitors. To put things in perspectives, one of the most powerful phones in the market right now - the Samsung Note 20 Ultra - only has a single core benchmark of 845, and a multi-core score of 1307 - which is just absurd to think of.

Obviously, this also means that the performance of the upcoming iPhone 12 series is going to be top-notch as well, considering all the iPhone 12 phones will have the A14 bionic chipset. However, it’s a bit strange that Apple didn’t compare the results of the A14 to the A13 in their newest iPad 4 Air presentation - instead, they just compared it to the A12 bionic, a chipset from 2018, and said that the new A14 bionic is 40% faster than that.

Overall, the iPad 4 Air looks really promising at the current stage - and will definitely be a hit when it does release which is going to be any day now. The performance aspect looks to be bang on, and the design is pretty sleek looking as well. Paired with the much more efficient and organized iPadOS, this is definitely going to be the go-to tablet if there ever was one.

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