iOS 14 Brings Many Of The Android Features On Board

Jun 23, 2020 News

iOS 14 Brings Many Of The Android Features On Board

Apple has been known for the quality of products it provides for users, be it on the software side of things or the hardware. They have had top notch processors that they make themselves, that are highly efficient and help Apple achieve the level of optimization that it provides for users. A 2GB RAM in an Apple iPhone would outpower a 4GB RAM mobile device on Android. That’s the power of Apple. People always associate smooth performance and optimization with Apple devices, and that’s largely due to the fact that Apple only makes a couple or so phones per year, and it’s easy for developers to optimize apps for iOS because they only have 2-3 phones to work with. However, with Android, there are 1000s of phones every single year, and making sure apps work seamlessly with each phone is difficult from the developers side. That’s why Snapchat, Instagram and all work way better on Apple than on Android.

However, Apple has had its own side of criticisms as well, with the majority of them being on the software aspect of the company’s devices. The lack of customization and provided options have been things that Apple hasn’t been able to provide, whereas Android has been giving such features to users from the start of its existence. But, it doesn’t end there - as we may be witnessing a huge change in the way Apple moves forward in future devices, as we got some surprising updates from Apple’s recent WWDC that they held live online. The one major trend that we got to see from the conference was about how similar iOS 14 is going to be to Android - bringing on board several things that we missed on iOS. We’ll be talking about a few of the major updates that iOS 14 will be bringing to the table.


Widgets are probably the most anticipated feature coming to iOS 14. Yes, you’ll finally be able to add customized widgets on your home screen, wherever you feel like, whenever you feel like. Weather, calendar, fitness app widgets - you name it and you’ll be able to add them to your home screen. Moreover, Apple takes this feature a step further by introducing a smart widget option, which will change your widget depending on the time of the day. In the morning, you might see your calendar, and then it may switch to the weather in the afternoon, to your fitness app at night. We think this is a great way to utilize widgets, and we’ve seen in the past that when Apple does finally hop on a pre-existing technology, it usually excels at it.

App Library

Another inspiration from Android, as Apple is bringing an app drawer-ish kind of addition to iOS 14, where you’ll be able to see your apps grouped into categories in a list, so you can access them quickly instead of having to swipe through all your pages to find the app you’re looking for. We love the path that Apple is taking with all these new additions. 

Apple Translate

The translate app on Apple will be a competitor to Google’s Translate app, as you’ll be able to type or talk in the app and get the translated version of it in upto 11 different languages. This will come in handy when you go on a vacation to another country to converse with a local of that country with ease. 

Updates in Maps

Apple Maps will be getting an increase in the area it covers across the world, with additional features that will prove to be handy in certain situations. One such feature inside the Maps app that we loved was the introduction of the EV feature, which will take the information about your electric car, and route you to the nearest electric charge outlets in your region so you can charge your car easily.

These are just some of the upgrades coming to iOS 14 that stood out for us, as they promise a future of customization in iOS that we’ve grown accustomed to in Android over the years. There won’t be many debate topics left for Android users when iOS does get all these customizability features in the future. You can download the beta for iOS 14 today, with the full version coming out soon as well.

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