Interbrand Rankings: Apple At Top, Google Drops Out Of Top 3

Oct 22, 2020 News

Interbrand Rankings: Apple At Top, Google Drops Out Of Top 3

Brands are a huge deal in the current day and age of technology, where the name matters and the practice of marketing makes or breaks a company - no matter how good or bad the product of the company may be. Interbrand is a reliable source that estimates how much a company’s brand value is worth, and it just released its rankings for 2020 - and there definitely some shocks and surprises in the new list.

Perhaps the biggest change or update to be seen is the fact that Google has dropped down two spots, and is out of the top 3 companies on the list. However, what isn’t much of a surprise is that Apple still remains the most brand valued company in the world, with a foot above the rest.

The exact rankings are Apple in the first spot, with an estimated value of about $323 billion dollars, as it soars above its competition. In the number two spot is Amazon, which is valued at about 200 billion US dollars, with a yearly growth of 60% - an impressive feat. The third most valued company is Microsoft, a surprising contender, coming in at $166 billion and marking over 50% growth.

Google sits at the number fourth spot at just over $165 billion, with a surprising decrease in brand value of 1%. Other notable companies on the list are Samsung at the 5th spot, Facebook 13th, and Instagram at the 19th position.

Do note that these figures aren’t what the market value of these companies is - as that’s totally different from brand value, which Interbrand has constructed its own formula of and has estimated the approximate value of each brand.

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