Instagram's DM Icon Replaced With Messenger's - Facebook Integration Initiated

Aug 16, 2020 App News

Instagram's DM Icon Replaced With Messenger's - Facebook Integration Initiated

Facebook is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, as it owns other big companies as well, such as Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger. Facebook purchased Instagram back in 2012 for 1 billion US dollars which seems like an absolute bargain today. Furthermore, it also acquired Whatsapp for an easy 14 billion US dollars in 2014 - and considering Whatsapp is currently the most downloaded social media app in the world, you could say that it was a good buy for Facebook as well.

Owning all these apps, Facebook hinted at integrating all these apps together by linking their messaging service with their Messenger chat option back in June of this year - and now finally it’s starting the integration process, as users have reported that Instagram’s “DM” icon is now the icon of Messenger. This is done so that users can enjoy the feature rich chatting options of Messenger, and get familiarized with a single and unified messaging service rather than getting used to different ones. What this update means is you’ll be able to change chat colors and themes like you can on Messenger, like messages with different react emojis, slide on messages to reply to them individually, and a lot more.

Currently, there’s no way to message users on Facebook from Instagram, but we expect that to come to the app soon, as Facebook is looking to universalize all of its social media platforms. The messaging service also won’t have end-to-end encryption right now, which will be a thing of worry for some users. However, as things move forward, Facebook will most likely look to work on that as well. All in all, it’s a change that most people will take positively, with some being against it due to the security factor that comes into play. We think it’s an exciting move by Facebook, and might bring good things in the future.

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