Instagram To Show Users The Content Of Strangers By The End Of Their Feed

Aug 20, 2020 App News

Instagram To Show Users The Content Of Strangers By The End Of Their Feed

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms there is, as it continues to grow in numbers, name and features too. What was once just a picture uploading app, turned into a complete social media platform with the ability to message contacts as well. Other features soon joined like the addition of stories - the idea taken from Snapchat who was the first to introduce it. With every single feature - even though it’s made to bring people closer and be in touch with each other, ultimately it’s causing even more addiction to social media and smartphones, and goes against the claims of mental health that these companies boast about.

The new feature that will be coming to the app is going to be a strange one - quite literally. Some might take it positively, some might not - but it is a new thing coming to the app and we will have to deal with it. Instagram will be adding the content of strangers with a public account to your feed. This can include accounts of people you may know, or of topics you might be interested in, or overall random content including ads. This content will appear after you’re done scrolling through the entire content of the people you follow, and your feed has ended - so instead of the prompt you get currently about you having caught up all the posts, now you’re going to get these posts from accounts you’re not currently following.

Now this might be a good change for artists and bloggers on Instagram, as now their content is likely to reach more people than ever before due to this update. Moreover, people who want to look for similar content to their interests can now have that at their disposal, as they’ll have access to content even from strangers. However, people might complain that it’s going to lead to even more addiction to smartphones and more scroll time from users than ever before. We hope that it doesn’t affect users in a negative sense and only instills positive thoughts and overview on their interests.

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