Instagram To Add New Ways Of Making Money For Influencers

Oct 21, 2020 App News

Instagram To Add New Ways Of Making Money For Influencers

Instagram is not just the photo sharing app it used to be back in the days. Previously, Instagram only allowed users to post and share pictures on their feed without any other means of customizations. Even direct messaging wasn’t a thing in the initial days. However, now, the app has come a long way, with stories, DMs, and now even Reels up their sleeves.

If you’re wondering what Reels is, then it’s just an attempt from Instagram to try to copy the ways of TikTok, by allowing users to make short vertical videos that their followers can watch on the go easily - all based on music and effects.

However, it won’t be wrong to say that Instagram is not just the socializing app it used to be. True, most people do use the app only to share photos, talk with friends or just follow celebrities and other news sources. But, a significant portion of consumers also make loads of money off of Instagram’s platform through various different ways - and the app developers have always encouraged the act of doing so, as it helps the influencers to sell their products and services, the consumers to buy what they want, and Instagram to get a fair share of commission.

These monetization steps have mostly been through third-party sources though. Most influencers make money because they get paid to promote products for others - not because Instagram pays them or allows them to make money. However, now, the app is bringing new features which will allow them to directly make money and allow influencers to make money as well.

Firstly, they’re introducing the concept of badges - which is basically a symbol that viewers in a live video or such can buy with their money during that livestream, to get noticed by the influencer or get a shoutout. The money will fully go to the influencers as Instagram says right now - but it will probably change in the future.

Moreover, they are also thinking of adding ads on IGTV videos - something that will allow the app to make money directly, instead of relying on inconsistent ways.

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