Information About the Pixel 4a Leaked

May 08, 2020 News

Information About the Pixel 4a Leaked

Google Pixel is one of the most premium phones in the market, and also one of the most popular ones as it’s often compared side-by-side with other market giants like Apple and Samsung. However, their “a” devices have certainly taken a different approach when it comes to targeting consumers, as unlike its flagship model, the “a” series is more focused on the mid-range side of the smartphone world.

When the Pixel 3a came out, it was widely considered to be one of the best mid-range phones out there, mainly due to it housing the same camera software and setup as the main Pixel phone, which is arguably the best camera in any smartphone. On top of that, with Google’s much-loved stock android interface, it was bound to become a fan favourite. However, it had a few problems due to which it wasn’t as popular as other mid-range devices like Xiaomi and Huawei, with the major one being its performance. Pixel 3a was slow and sluggish and didn’t tick the performance checkbox at all. Moreover, the screen size was too small with regards to the current generation of smartphones in 2020.

Keeping all that in mind, we think Google may be looking to hit it out of the ballpark with the 4a, bringing significant improvements in the departments that it fell short off last time. The leaks reveal a larger, 5.81” screen which would be decent enough by today’s standards and performance benchmarks that help the Pixel 4a deal blow with Xiaomi’s top mid-range devices. The large screen isn’t the only impressive feature of the display, because apparently Google has also decided to use a punch-hole design on the 4a, a trend that was started by Samsung with the S20.

All this information about the Pixel 4a truly ignites sparks in the tech community, as every smartphone lover is eagerly anticipating the phone. We may see the phone being introduced on May 22, at Google’s I/O developer conference

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