Infinix S5 Pro Review: Does It Conquer The Budget Region?

May 15, 2020 Reviews

Infinix S5 Pro Review: Does It Conquer The Budget Region?

The Hong Kong based phone manufacturer has been trying to penetrate the budget and mid-range market for quite some time now, introducing flashy looking phones that look good on paper to the South Asian markets. It can certainly be considered a contender to the much-loved Redmi series from Xiaomi, Huawei phones, or even Realme which has quickly cemented its place in the market as well. However, the question is if the phone can hold its own against these smartphone powerhouses.

The Good

The screen is the first thing that comes to mind if you’re trying to search for positives in the phone. It is a well-lit, FHD+ display with decent color reproduction and ample brightness. The 6.53” IPS display is also full screen, meaning that there are no notches or intrusive bezels whatsoever, which helps with the 91% screen to body ratio that it has.

Moreover, with a price of INR 9,999, you get a pop-up selfie camera setup, something that you can flaunt to your friends at this price point. The main shooter at the back is pretty decent as well, as it will help you take crisp and clear shots in good lighting conditions. Meaning, you can take the phone out of your pocket and randomly take a picture, and more often than not, it’s going to end up looking good.

Another feature we appreciated was the inclusion of Android 10 in its software. Most budget phones max out in the Android 9 region, so it was a fresh aspect to see Infinix go with Android 10 on the S5 Pro.

The battery life was impressive as well, with the 4,000 mAh battery being able to last upto 2 days of moderate use. Although there’s no fast charging available on the phone and that’s to be expected at this price, you won’t find yourself needing to charge the phone that often.

The Not So Good

Infinix may have a few positives, but even at this price point, there are a few things it could improve on. One such thing is the selfie camera setup. Even though you get a pop-up mechanism at the price, it still needs to perform well in terms of taking pictures, and the S5 Pro falls short of doing that. The images end up slightly hazy with little detail in the pictures. All in all, the selfie camera could’ve been better at the price.

The performance may be smooth in normal day-to-day usage, but if you’re thinking of gaming on your mobile device, then you should stay clear of the S5 Pro. With the Mediatek Helio P35 processor, you will most certainly notice lag and jitters in the games you play, which will make your overall gaming experience unpleasant.


All in all, the S5 Pro sure does pack a punch at the equivalent amount of 135 dollars. With flashy looks, a decent main shooter, and good software, it surely seems to be able to hold its own. However, we still feel that there might be better options in the market to choose from, especially from Redmi devices

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