Infinix Hot 9 Pro Review: Best Camera For The Price?

Jun 20, 2020 Reviews

Infinix Hot 9 Pro Review: Best Camera For The Price?

Infinix, the phone manufacturer from Hong Kong isn’t really a well-known brand globally. It is just another company on the rise and trying to make a name for itself. The majority of its audience lies in the South Asian region, with countries like Pakistan and India being the biggest consumers of the phone. This is mostly due to the fact that Infinix makes mostly budget phones, and provides on-paper specs that look great for the price the phones come with. This attracts the majority of Pakistani phone users, and hence Infinix has gotten itself some kind of name in the country as well. The Hot 9 series are one of the more popular phones that Infinix sells, and we’re here to talk about the Hot 9 Pro, and whether or not it stands tough in the 20,000 price range or not.

What We Liked

The good thing about Infinix is that it provides decent specs on paper like 4GB RAM and 64GB storage at this price range. No matter how this represents in practical usage, it’s going to attract users of all sorts nonetheless. However, one thing that will translate well on to real world usage will be the camera setup on the Hot 9 Pro. The phone comes with a quad camera setup, with a 48MP main shooter, a 2MP macro lens, a 2MP depth sensor and a QVGA low-light sensor as well. This does mean you can only use two of the four lenses in the camera mode, but the other two help with improving the image quality. Selfies will come out pleasant and detailed as well, with an 8MP shooter present on the front in a punch-hole design.

Another positive aspect of this phone that it completely nails is its design. This is probably the best looking phone in the price category, and probably the best feature on the phone. You get a punch-hole cutout in the front, and a rectangular camera module on the back, both of which make the Hot 9 Pro resemble the S20 series. Although this design aspect is overused by manufacturers, it’s a good thing to see in this price range and we personally think that Infinix has done a commendable job in the design department.

What We Didn’t Like

The Hot 9 Pro doesn’t have good performance at all, to start off with the negatives. You get a Helio P22 chipset from MediaTek which underperforms, and won’t suffice for your gaming needs whatsoever. You’ll find your phone lagging in games even on smooth settings, and we advise you against this device if your main reason to buy a phone is its gaming performance. You’ll be able to carry out day to day tasks, however, as you should be able to do with all phones in the market, regardless of their price range.

The screen is also a downside situation on the phone, as you get an IPS panel with 720p resolution on deck. It results in a 266 ppi for the display, which is just average for the price. We hope to see screens being prioritized in smartphones, because it’s the main thing that manufacturers compromise on when cutting down costs.


Overall, we feel that you could get better options for the price range the Infinix Hot 9 Pro comes with. However, if you need a decent camera in this segment, then this is probably the phone to get for you!

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