India Might Ban PUBG As Well: Tencent Fears

Jul 03, 2020 News

India Might Ban PUBG As Well: Tencent Fears

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. The active user base on the game platform is unparalleled in many regards, and one of the biggest, if not the biggest, consumers of the game is India. Indian users are amongst the largest user bases in the world on the popular battle royale game, as the country has an active community around PUBG. However, the game may lose all those users from their platform and as a result lose a lot of revenue, because there may be a decent chance that the Indian government will ban the game.

Considering the recent clashes on the border between Indian and Chinese forces has led to India banning the major Chinese apps from the app stores on all the phones inside the country. This ban also included TikTok, which is another popular Chinese app that had a huge Indian user base. India, in total, banned 59 Chinese apps from the Play Store and App Store, and there is no way to legally access these apps if you’re an Indian resident. The statement from the Indian government said that they were banning all apps that caused a threat to the security and sovereignty of the country. Tencent, the developer behind PUBG, now fears that their popular game may face the same fate as the other apps too.

Whether or not India decides to move forward with the decision of banning PUBG as well remains unknown, but if they do ban the game, they’re certain to face severe backlash from their countrymen as the game is loved dearly in the country and has a huge fanbase.

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