India Bans TikTok Along With 58 Other Chinese Apps

Jun 30, 2020 News

India Bans TikTok Along With 58 Other Chinese Apps

Recently we’ve seen it all over the news with China and India clashing against each other for a piece of land that both countries claim is theirs. The land of Ladakh is claimed by China to be their area, but India refutes these statements, and is ready to fight the Chinese to claim their spot. This tension between the two countries has gotten way further than just the disagreement of land, as armed forces of both countries have lashed out at each other in the area causing several casualties from both sides in the action. Moreover, this seems to aggravate even further in the future, as India has recently announced a ban on all major Chinese apps on every single phone in India, 59 to be specific.

India is very well aware of the fact that they can use their population of over a billion people to make a huge change anywhere they’d like to. It’s important to realize that a lot of mobile apps on the playstore have India as one of the largest consumers in the world, and that’s also the case with the majority of Chinese apps as well. TikTok is probably the most famous app on the list, and again India is the largest consumer of TikTok, as more than a hundred million users are on the platform in the South Asian nation. By banning these apps in the country, India is doing two crucial things: cutting off the majority of revenue generated by Indian users on these apps, and uniting the nation against China due to their actions in the Ladakh region.

However, this may backfire for the Indian government, as a lot of Indians also rely on the platform of TikTok to generate their daily earnings and live off of that. By taking the app away from Indian users, the government will actively deprive them of their source of income, which will result in a negative outcome for the country. TikTok India’s Head has released a public statement, and in it he goes on about how him and his team is working on resolving this conflict with the government, with the assurity of keeping the data safe from the Chinese government in the future as well.

It will be interesting to see how things develop in the near future about this situation - who knows we might witness a TikTok type platform made by Indian developers themselves which could get as famous in the country. It’s a waiting game from now onwards.

Source(s): Indian Government

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