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Aug 02, 2021

In depth details about the new Android 12 Beta 2

Jun 10, 2021 News

In depth details about the new Android 12 Beta 2

The new features in Android 12 Beta 2 includes a new button to manage the internet. Moreover , there are some other interesting and refreshing changes found in the new Android and we will tell all the insights about this brand new experience. 

In few hours users will be able to dive into the new Beta to discover it and make sure to keep the noticeable changes on mind. 

The Conversation Widget Has Been Expanded 

android 12

Conversation widget is a flagship feature of Android. The conversation widget is 2x1 in size however it will show if the message is “seen”, will provide more options to tap the conversation on your home screen and pick any conversation for most of the applications or breakdown conversation to many rooms. 

The Quick Back Tap Gesture 

android 12

Google was working on quick double tap on the back option since long and finally with Android 12 Beta 2 it’s here but only available for pixel 5. The feature is also known as Columbus and it can be used to play/pause any media, Trigger Google Assistant, Open the Recent Apps menu or also able to pull down the notification bar. 

No More Resizing Of Picture In Picture Windows 

Android 12 Beta 2 helped with getting rid of the picture resizing from the corners. However, now the resizing is done by just double tapping unlike pinching it out to choose another application. Moreover , there are some bugs needed to be fixed since PiP is a feature people get use to very quick. 

Quick Setting Adds Useful Short Cuts 

Amongst many feature quick setting is relatively useful and now Android 12 Beta 2 allows an easy access to power button, Google Pay and Google Home shortcuts.

 Device control and Wallet have been rearranged and could be seen every time notification shade is pulled down. 

Privacy dash board, controls for camera and microphone being introduced in Beta 2. 

android 12

The privacy dashboard has been advanced that will give a clear view of timeline about the access location , microphones and camera. There is also a new permission API and another eye catcher is the camera and microphone indicator on the top right of the screen. The Android 12 will notify the users every-time an application access their clipboard in form of a toast message. 

Revamped Volume Slider

android 12

It seems like Android 12 is going big on the UI with expanded elements especially for a quick setting. Android 12 Beta 2 is downsizing the volume slider and it’s a great thing that it’s not packed with too much. The new volume panel is slimmer and simplified. 

However The “At A Glance “ widget Is Bolder 

The date and weather portion on the widget seems to be subtly bolder but that really doesn’t make a huge difference and there’s nothing wrong with a change for a view. 

Internet Panel Is A Much More Important Update 

android 12

The agreeable fact is that Android 12 Beta 2 brought a lot of changes but most useful could be the Internet panel update. Now in the new Android you can reset all the connection setting with a single button. The WiFi toggle will also show the WiFi being reset. It’s not a huge time saver however trimming down the process is also counted as innovation. 

Some Other Changes In Android 12 Beta 2 Includes 

A new themed wallpaper

Redesigned power menu

A bold Save Button

A Smart “Device controls provided in setting

The QS lock screen is playing notifications in a more compact way.

Menu descriptions has been renewed in the settings

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