Huawei's Wearable Devices Begin To Install Third-Party Applications

Feb 24, 2021 News

Huawei's Wearable Devices Begin To Install Third-Party Applications

News from IT House, February 24, according to the GSM Arena, Huawei's wearable devices will begin to accept third-party applications, which indicates that the Chinese technology company is trying to explore other possibilities of its wearable devices.

IT Home has learned that in the past, Huawei's smart watches were forbidden to install third-party programs. It may be because Huawei is worried that too many third-party programs will affect smart watches' battery life. The GSMArena commentator Vlad believes that this may be due to the US government's sanctions on Huawei. Huawei must become more open to meet future challenges.

"Anyway, we are delighted to see another strong competitor emerge in the wearable’s field," Vlad said, "and it (Huawei) is destined to become even stronger with this new initiative."

Huawei has developed a fitness application called Fitify for Watch GT2 Pro and created a case for the launch of third-party applications on Huawei smart watches. Fitify has more than 900 exercises and more than 200 million training records. These data come from more than 10 million users in 170 countries.


This application is created using five integrated suites developed by Huawei Mobile Services. Huawei's goal is to "provide one-stop and comprehensive operation support for all application content providers." These application providers may be interested in Introducing new applications for their wearable devices, which means that users will soon be able to see more third-party applications on their wearable devices. "A few days ago, we got the news that there is a new app that allows users to reply to text messages," Vlad said. "We now think that it and other new apps may soon be launched on Huawei's smart watches."

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