Huawei Y6p Review: Decent For The Price

Aug 17, 2020 Reviews

Huawei Y6p Review: Decent For The Price

Huawei has been releasing plenty of phones lately, some flagships, some midrange ones and also some budget devices. However, they haven’t really been coming in the best of times for Huawei as a company, since it’s facing massive amounts of sanctions from the US, the country which houses most of the tech companies. They’ve already lost the services from Google for their smartphones, and that has caused a drop in users internationally. However, it does seem like Huawei has picked the pace up in their local market, as they’re still the largest phone manufacturer in the world. One such phone that was released in this time period was Y6p, a budget device with a price tag of about 140 US Dollars. Let’s hop into the review and see if this phone is really a good option to go for or not. 

The Positives

Firstly, we have to consider the display on this device, as it’s the most used aspect of a smartphone. It’s safe to say that Huawei has done a decent job in the screen department, as it might not be an AMOLED panel, but for the price and for an LCD display, it’s still pretty impressive. You get good viewing angles, decent contrast and ample brightness under direct sunlight. You can even change the warmness of the display, if you want it in a warmer or cooler tone depending on your preference. Kudos to Huawei for nailing this section under a low price point. 

The camera situation on the smartphone is pretty decent as well, as a 13MP main sensor won’t really impress you on paper, but the final result always comes out appealing to the eyes from the Y6p. The photos come out with plenty of detail in the shots, even in slightly lower lighting conditions. Viewing angles are impressive for the price, and the contrast isn’t half bad either. It seems like Huawei’s processing is doing wonders here for their camera performance, since the hardware isn’t really anything out of the ordinary. 

The battery life on the Y6p should be appreciated as well, since a 5,000mAh battery unit is definitely going to leave you satisfied by the end of the day. The massive battery cell, paired with the low resolution display and the not-so-powerful chipset means a stellar battery performance - and one which will keep you juiced up for even 2 days with moderate usage. 

The Negatives
Well, the performance on this phone is the first thing to be noticed that’s slightly below-par. It doesn’t feel smooth at all, with hiccups here and there and just too much loading time for every application. The camera app loading times get irritating after a while as well, as it may even cause you to stop taking pictures completely. However, one can get used to the loading times, especially if they aren’t coming from a higher end device (which is unlikely), so we don’t really expect it to cause much issues.


All in all, the Y6p shouldn’t be a bad buy at all if you need a budget phone for yourself, especially considering that the device from Huawei falls around the 20,000 PKR price point. Just be wary of the current Google ban on Huawei, and what the current tensions between Huawei and the US could mean for the prior. 

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