Huawei To Roll Out Mate 40 Series Soon: Base Version Will Cost $860

Aug 17, 2020 News

Huawei To Roll Out Mate 40 Series Soon: Base Version Will Cost $860

Despite the growing problems that Huawei has faced over the past few months with the US government and their policies, the Chinese giant still continues to roll out devices regularly without the Google services, and they still are making decent sales. Well, decent would be an understatement, as despite the coronavirus (or it might be a boost to their advantage) and the sanctions against them, Huawei continues to stay at the top for the biggest phone maker in the world. Now, they’re releasing their new flagship being the Mate 40 lineup, and it doesn’t arrive without another bad news for Huawei.

Huawei uses their own Kirin chips for their devices - processors which aren’t used by any other phone company. However, the manufacturer behind these Kirin chips is TSMC, a US based company - and they are likely to stop Huawei’s supply after the Mate 40 family is done shipping. The Mate 40 series this year will likely come with 4 different variants - being a basic version, a Pro and Pro+ one, and finally a premium Porsche Special Edition Mate 40. All of the 4 phones will house the Kirin 1000 (or Kirin 9000) paired with 8 or 12GB of RAM along with 128GB storage which could be upgraded to 256.

The base Mate 40 is going to have a 6.67” flat AMOLED display, and knowing past Huawei devices, we can assume that it will be stunning. It’ll also reportedly feature a 90Hz refresh rate. Moreover, it’s going to have a decent 4,300mAh battery unit, along with a triple camera setup, with a main sensor of 50MP.

The Mate 40 series look great - well not really in looks, due to the eye-sore of a camera module - but more in terms of hardware and capabilities. However, they still have the massive obstacle of the absence of Google services in front of them, and they also have to figure out a proper replacement for their processors, which Huawei has stated that it could look at Unisoc and MediaTek for. Nonetheless, Huawei is a ginormous organization, and it’s almost inevitable that they’ll figure something out.

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