Huawei To Release Its First Smartphone With HarmonyOS in 2021

Sep 07, 2020 News

Huawei To Release Its First Smartphone With HarmonyOS in 2021

Recently, we heard the news that Huawei is going to officially release their first ever smartphone with HarmonyOS as the main software behind the phone. This job has been handled by AndroidOS for a long time, as it's usually the backbone of the majority of non-Apple devices. HarmonyOS is going to be Huawei's own solution to Android, as it looks to be the next Apple in the game - having its own line of devices in a proper set ecosystem in which users would be willing to stay and not exit.

The news about HarmonyOS coming to Huawei smartphones was officially broken out by the Chinese company's own CEO of consumer business, Richard Yu, who announced the forthcoming of the first Huawei made smartphone in 2021 to have HarmonyOS installed instead of Android.

The trade war between China and the US has caught Huawei in between

This is due to the trade war that's going on between the two countries - being China and the US, and Huawei being stuck in between. The US administration has put numerous sanctions on the Chinese giant, as it has massively affected their business - especially with the removal of Google services from all new Huawei phones.

Now, Huawei suspects even further tightening by the US government, as they plan to set their base and be prepared beforehand - with HarmonyOS being their main weapon. Their very own OS has already been implemented and used on their TVs this year, and according to several reports, they're also releasing smartwatches which will also consist of HarmonyOS as the main choice of software - and they're expected to release in 2020 itself.

Once they release the first smartphone with HarmonyOS, the company is expected to stick with the new ecosystem as they're not looking to rely at all on any US based entities or support, and that includes Android which the phone currently runs on. Once their own ecosystem is properly developed, all HarmonyOS devices will run much better with each other, instead of external devices - and if Huawei succeeds in making the whole experience appealing and easy to command, then it could be a huge win for the company, as we could witness another Apple in the industry.

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