Huawei To Release EMUI 11 On Android 11 In Mate 40 Series

Oct 21, 2020 News

Huawei To Release EMUI 11 On Android 11 In Mate 40 Series

Even amongst all the turmoil Huawei is going through, the Chinese company is still managing to hold its own against the adversities. The phone manufacturer has faced multiple bans and limitations due to US sanctions - but it keeps on with its operations, releasing its own AppGallery in place of Google Play Store, working on its own software and what not to make sure its phones are not considered below-par.

One of the many big steps that Huawei took during this difficult phase was to announce EMUI 11 for future smartphones - their own skin of OS based on top of Android. This was of course announced in one of the recent events that Huawei held, being the Huawei Developer’s Conference 2020. EMUI 11 was announced then, but there was one worrying aspect at the time which was that EMUI 11 was only based on top of Android 10. Huawei started rolling out the beta for the new EMUI 11 skin on top of Android 10 in the P40 series and Mate 30 Pro in different regions across the world.

Now Huawei is banned from using any of Google Mobile Services, but it can use AndroidOS on its phones with its own skin on top - and news is that the upcoming Mate 40 series will come with Android 11 out of the box, along with EMUI 11 on top. The Mate 40 Pro is expected to come pre-loaded with Android 11 in Europe.

There is no information about when the P40 and Mate 30 series will get Android 11, or if they will get it at all in the first place - but we’ll be sure to notify you if any such news develops.

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