Huawei To Include Its Celia AI Assistant On GT 2 Smartwatch

Jul 29, 2020 News

Huawei To Include Its Celia AI Assistant On GT 2 Smartwatch

Huawei has been looking to do everything on its own, without any help from anyone else. Ever since the ban on the Chinese giant from Google, the company has been trying to get everything made by itself, including its own app store, its own OS in some places like smartwatches, and it already had its own very powerful Kirin chipsets. Now the manufacturer is looking to add its own voice assistant in its smartwatches, namely being the Huawei Watch GT and GT 2 - both of which have microphones and speakers to be able to be compatible with smart assistants.

Huawei itself confirmed that it will be adding Celia, its very own AI assistant which the company introduced alongside the P40 series, on to the GT 2 and GT 2e smartwatches later this year. Now we have seen well-established assistants fail when it comes to smartwatches, but it will be interesting to see the route Huawei takes with their version for it. The assistant will be able to do all basic tasks that usually AI assistants are given the duty for, including checking the weather, setting alarms and things of that sort.

The Chinese company has seen a massive growth in their smartwatch sales, specifically being 118%, which makes it the only smartwatch manufacturer to actually register a >100% growth. Huawei says this is due to the quality of their fitness tracking, battery life and other monitoring capabilities their watches possess. We don’t know the exact date as to when Celia will launch on the smartwatches by Huawei, but it won’t be too long till they drop, so stay tuned!

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