Huawei Patent Surfaces Showing A New Foldable Phone In The Works

Oct 26, 2020 News

Huawei Patent Surfaces Showing A New Foldable Phone In The Works

The trend of folding phones has started to develop in a pretty feisty manner, as things aren’t at their optimal state just yet - but they’re reaching there and the future looks bright. The initial models of the folding phones from Samsung, Motorola and Huawei didn’t seem like the manufacturers were doing anything mind-boggling with the folding mechanism - it was just a wow factor in the phone at best. However, things have started to evolve slowly but surely, and now there are plenty of uses in the market for folding devices - as app developers are working on ways to make uses for the folding mechanism on devices.

Huawei’s Mate X was one of the first folding phones in the game, and the Chinese manufacturer did present some positive points from the device. However, it wasn’t the best folding phone you could find, and now it seems like Huawei wants to redeem itself, as a patent from Huawei has been spotted for a foldable device.

Huawei Flip phone

The patent shows an interesting design which will operate a lot like the Samsung Z Fold, which folds horizontally. The patent was submitted to and approved by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, as Huawei had applied for it since April. The images from the patent show an edge to edge display in the front, without any cutouts for a selfie camera, which means that Huawei is either not using a front camera on the phone, or they’ll be opting for an in-display sensor.

Moving on to the back, there’s a secondary display that can be seen, which looks bigger than the Motorola Razr 5G, and the Z Flip phones - which opens doors for a lot more possibilities with the folding device. There’s also a cutout for a dual camera setup at the back.

The new Huawei flip device will likely feature a 120Hz display panel, as it might be the first Huawei phone to come with such a refresh rate, since the recently launched Mate 40 Pro maxes out at 90Hz.

The release dates and further information about the device is currently unknown, but stay tuned for more updates whenever they arrive.

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