Huawei P40 Review: A Great Phone, But At What Price?

Jun 03, 2020 Reviews

Huawei P40 Review: A Great Phone, But At What Price?

The P40 does a good job in keeping a lot of the good parts from its older brother, the Pro. You get the same fast performance, mostly the same camera quality, and more or less the same design. Let’s hop into our review to see if the P40 is worth your money at about 560 bucks for its base variant - or if it’s just another phone to be passed up on. 

What We Liked

Well, firstly we think the build quality on the P40 is excellent, with the phone feeling nothing less of a flagship in first glance. Moreover, that thought further cements when you first hold the phone in your hands, as it feels soft to the touch and premium in all senses - maybe even more so than the P40 Pro. We say that because of the omission of the curved display on the P40, which allows for a better overall feel in the hand and even helps prevent any accidental touches on the edge which can get processed by the phone. The glossy glass back definitely feels expensive, and paired with the dark camera module, it all looks slick together. 

Moreover, we can not talk about the P40 without mentioning its performance. With Antutu scores of about 450,000, you can easily expect this phone to power through any apps or games you’ve got (that is, if you manage to get apps on your phone). The powerful Kirin 990 chipset allows users to run any graphic-intensive game on the device without breaking a sweat on the highest settings possible. You won’t notice any jitters or lag throughout your experience with this device. 

The cameras are another plus point of the phone, as it features the same main 50MP shooter from the Pro variant. It does have a slightly worse ultra-wide sensor, coming in at 16MP, which is still better than most other ultra-wide performers in the smartphone market. Pictures will always come out pleasant no matter what the situation, as Huawei has designed an amazing point-and-shoot camera - meaning you won’t have to tinker much with the settings to capture a good photo. The selfie cameras are above-par as well, so your group selfie sessions will still be enjoyable with the P40. 

What Could Be Better

Firstly, the battery is decent, with a 3800 mAh battery unit, that will last about 6-7 hours at max. This falls in the average category of phones, and you might find yourself needing to charge your phone more than once in a day if you use your phone a lot, especially for gaming. However, your phone will juice back up quickly with the 22.5W fast charger, going up from 0 to 60% in just 30 minutes. Now, even though it isn’t as fast as the 40W charger from the Pro version, it still is pretty quick. 

The biggest flaw with this phone, and with any of the new variants of Huawei, is the exclusion of Google services. You won’t get any Google Play features, which means no playstore either. You’ll have to find unofficial ways to get all the apps you love on your P40, and link them to Google. It’s going to be quite a hassle, but if you’re that big of a fan of Huawei, then we don’t think it’ll matter much to you. For regular users however, it’s going to be a dealbreaker certainly.  


All in all, the P40 is a great device for the asking price of 550 bucks. It offers flagship level performance and camera capabilities. However, with no Google services present in the phone, we only advise you to buy this phone if you’re a die-hard fan of Huawei and are willing to go through the barriers to download your favourite games and apps on the devices through the confusing long route. 

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