Huawei Mate X2's Display Production To Start Next Month

Aug 21, 2020 News

Huawei Mate X2's Display Production To Start Next Month

Huawei’s Mate X was one of the two main folding phones that we knew of last year along with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. It got plenty of coverage and fame last year, as it wasn’t a half-bad device. Now, it’s successor is looking to be a much more anticipated phone, as the Mate X2 is scheduled for release not so far away from now. The upcoming device is going to come with new features and specifications, along with a completely new folding mechanism - or rather a completely opposite one.

The new Mate X2 will follow an inward folding mechanism now, as compared to the outward folding system it followed previously. According to rumours, the production for the display of the Mate X2 is going to start from September next month. The screen, which is probably the most difficult part to manufacture, will be based on the same screen size and resolution as its predecessor, coming in at 8.03 inches, and a resolution of 2480 x 2220 pixels. The screen is going to be made by Samsung, as we all know the Korean company to be the king of displays - and they’ve made plenty of displays for the Chinese manufacturer in the past as well.

Even though it’s not yet confirmed by any sources, rumours have shown that the phone will also support a Laptop Mode, and the picture that shows the feature in use also shows a secondary display where the camera array is. Moreover, the leaks suggest that the phone will rock a quad camera setup, with a 40MP main sensor, a 40MP ultrawide camera, a 12MP telephoto and finally a TOF sensor as well. The phone is also expected to have a massive 6,000mAh battery unit, along with support of up to 60W fast charging - great battery situation overall.

We hope that Huawei does justice to this phone, as it’s not going to cost anything less than 1500 bucks - fingers crossed for this one!

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