Huawei Mate 40 Might Be The Last Phone To Feature A Kirin Chipset

Aug 10, 2020 News

Huawei Mate 40 Might Be The Last Phone To Feature A Kirin Chipset

Huawei has been in quite some trouble due to the sanctions that the US government has put on them for reasons that have been clarified, but haven’t been proved. This has put all upcoming Huawei devices at a risk, since they don’t have Google Services in them at all, and there’s a growing risk of further bans that they might have to face from the US companies. The upcoming Mate 40 from Huawei is the latest flagship to come to the market from the Chinese manufacturer, and it’s going to have a HiSilicone Kirin chipset. However, it might be the last Huawei phone to consist of a Kirin chip, since sanctions from the US get even more serious.

Huawei gets its chips made from a company based in the US, and now that service may get interrupted by the US President Donald Trump, as he doesn’t seem like he’s going to allow the Chinese phone maker to get any more progress in their way. Huawei is looking to tackle this situation by looking to other manufacturers to provide them chips, such as MediaTek for example, or Unisoc as well - two options stated by Huawei’s rotating chairman a few months ago. It doesn’t seem like the company is looking at Samsung’s Exynos chips as a viable option, but maybe they might be forced to do so in the future due to lack of options.

The situation gets worse everyday for Huawei, as Donald Trump has made their life a living hell by putting bans on bans on them. Knowing the mammothical size of Huawei, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll find a way out - but it still won’t be the same as it used to be without all the hurdles in the way.

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