Huawei Is Now The World's Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Jun 18, 2020 News

Huawei Is Now The World's Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Huawei has been one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world for quite some time now. If you went back 5-6 years back in time, you wouldn’t even know what Huawei is or what they do. Probably just another Chinese company trying to make sub-par smartphones. However, with time, they’ve gained such a name for themselves that it’s hard to grasp the progress they’ve made in such a short amount of time. With phones like the Mate and P series, Huawei has been giving the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy flagships, and Apple’s top phones a run for their money. Moreover, they also operate in the mid-range and budget range of the smartphone market as well, and that’s why they have so many sales. Infact, they’ve been ahead of Apple in terms of market share for a decent amount of time now, standing at the 2nd place behind only Samsung.

However, now that’s changed as well, as figures from April’s report show that Huawei has actually surpassed Samsung as well now, and has become the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world in terms of sales. This is marvellous to say the least from Huawei, to surpass companies like Apple and Samsung which have such an established place in the phone market. But there are various factors that have led to such a remarkable milestone being achieved by Huawei. The most important reason to consider is the overall crash of markets around the world due to Coronavirus. Smartphone shops have closed down globally due to COVID-19 being a global pandemic and affecting sales everywhere. Now, you may ask that this crash must’ve affected Huawei too, and you’ll be right to some extent. However, Huawei’s biggest market is in China itself, where it leads all other competition by far, and the fact that China had already recovered from Coronavirus by April plays a huge part in why Huawei managed to surpass Samsung.

Huawei was reported to have a market share of 19%, as Samsung fell down to 17%, making the prior the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world for now. It’s still a huge feat to accomplish, and even with the Google ban being implemented on Huawei, they’ve still managed to sell tons of units, even if they’re majorly in China. However, it is to be noted that this probably won’t be the case for long, as after things stabilize from this pandemic, Samsung will likely regain its position back as the top manufacturer in the business.

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