Huawei FreeLace Pro Wireless Leaked: Price Is 90 Euros

Aug 18, 2020 News

Huawei FreeLace Pro Wireless Leaked: Price Is 90 Euros

Huawei is a huge manufacturer, and is actually the biggest phone maker in the world as of now, in front of Samsung and Apple. However, the Chinese giant doesn’t only rely on smartphones to make their sales - as they make lots of other tech based equipment, such as smartwatches, smartbands, headphones, earbuds and a lot more. Now, rumour has emerged that they will be bringing to the market a new pair of wireless earphones, and by the look of things, they seem to be a great pair.

The new pair of earphones that Huawei is planning to roll out will be the FreeLace Pro Wireless - as they will serve as a sequel to the already established FreeLace by Huawei. The earphones have been leaked by a popular Weibo tipper, who has shared two pictures of the FreeLace Pro earphones’ box - one each of the front and back.

The front of the earphones show a significant design change from the older model, as the newer ones seem more refined, modernistic and up to date with 2020’s design trends. The black theme also looks slick on the earphones. Moreover, you can also see that the built-in Type C charging facility from the neck band itself is going to stay from the previous FreeLace earphones variant, as it’s been a great feature from Huawei.

If we turn over to the back side of the box, then we can notice that there is mention of gesture controls availability on the buds, on top of the physical buttons that are present on the neck band. Moreover, after translating the Chinese to English from Google Translate, we can deduct that there’s also talk of active noise cancellation on the FreeLace Pros, which is a great feature to add on a wireless pair of earphones. Huawei has also added a feature which will allow users to pass through human voices, and block other background noise. We don’t know how well this is going to work, but we won’t raise our expectations for it.

The earphones will set you back a modest CNY 799, which would translate to about 90 euros. This price is fantastic for the features that are mentioned by Huawei on the box - but we do hope that the Chinese manufacturer fills in on the promises made, and that the end product is worth buying.

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