Huawei FreeBuds Pro Review: Best ANC Wireless Earbuds Of 2020?

Sep 14, 2020 Reviews

Huawei FreeBuds Pro Review: Best ANC Wireless Earbuds Of 2020?

Wireless headphones are still somewhat new and exciting for consumers and it's intriguing to see different brands try and introduce new and improved features in their products. For Huwaei, its previous FreeBuds were not received very well. With the FreeBuds 3, it was found that they weren’t exactly comfortable to wear and the ANC were rendered pointless. That design has now been completely refreshed and lo and behold, we now meet the FreeBuds Pro.


Many have criticized the Freebuds pro to have been inspired by Apple's Airpods though we believe they are more than that. The somewhat boxy design of the Freebuds Pro will certainly allow them to stand out against rivals. The silicon tips allow the Freebuds Pro to sit neatly in the ear and they are quite secure. The biggest thing the silicon tips bring is the comfort. You could wear the Freebuds Pro for hours and not feel uncomfortable enough to want to take them off. The Freebuds Pro come with 3 sizes of silicone earplugs and with the help of the fit detection feature, users will be able to find their perfect fit. With that being said, not all users will be able to find earplugs that will fit them and hence will have an uncomfortable experience with the Freebuds Pro.

The earphones also have a flat design, with a touch surface that allows you to control music. In addition, we see smaller stems than before which is of course a huge plus. The Freebuds Pro are available in three different colors: Ceramic While, Carbon Black and Silver Frost. 

Features and Performance:

The Freebuds Pro feature 11-millimetre amplitude dynamic drivers with more defined audio spectrum. A 3-mic system and bone voice sensor are present for voice calls. Huawei has also created a mechanical sound stabilization system, which makes sure the movement of the driver doesn’t result in distortion at high volumes.

If you are someone who enjoys bass-heavy genres you’ll probably love the Freebuds Pro. The earbuds have impressive insulation which allows you to shut out a lot of the outside noise, and this is BEFORE turning on ANC. When listening to vocal-focused tracks, there is real detail with excellent separation between background audio and lead vocals. 

Huawei boasts that with this product they aim to deliver the best noise cancellation in this segment, with an impressive 40dB of noise cancellation. The buds support three different modes of extraneous noise elimination: 'Cozy', 'General' and 'Ultra' which you can adjust according to your liking and physical setting. If you’re in a crowded public place then you might want to switch to the 'Ultra' mode while in a library you would want to switch to ‘General’. The best part about these earphones, which truly adds to the ‘intelligent’ aspect, is that they can change settings dynamically. The AI can detect where it is and which setting is needed, and switches to that. 

The Huawie FreeBuds Pro are the first of its kind to feature Dual Device Connection which allows it to connect to two devices via its dual-antenna Bluetooth. They also offer 360-degree omnidirectional Bluetooth signal coverage for a more stable connection. Huawei has also included an active suspension system which enhances deep sounds by reducing the vibrations of the music and by removing distortions. 


Each earbud has a 52.5 mAh battery out of which you are getting 4.5 hours of listening time including ANC at the max and up to 7 hours without ANC. The FreeBuds Pro also support fast charging, allowing them to be fully changed from 0-100 in 23 minutes.


With everything being said, there is a lot to consider if you’d like to buy these earbuds. These may not be the best earbuds in the already saturated earbuds market, nor are they the most original but for the price point, these earphones are not bad and are definitely strong contenders. With a good battery life, a good and somewhat comfortable listening experience, dual device support, and excellent ANC, the FreeBuds Pro would make for a good purchase.

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