Huawei Expects To Receive 30% Fewer Orders For The Mate 40

Sep 07, 2020 News

Huawei Expects To Receive 30% Fewer Orders For The Mate 40

Huawei has been in plenty of trouble in the past few months, as things have been on somewhat of a decline for the Chinese mammoth - mostly due to the issues faced with the current US administration, especially the US President Donald Trump. Huawei faced plenty of sanctions from the US government, which put the Chinese OEM at a huge disadvantage, mainly because the US ban led to US companies not being able to do business with Huawei. The biggest of which Huawei felt was the absence of Google, as there are no Google Play services officially on any new Huawei devices, something which has led to the decline of interest in Huawei phones from the general global audience.

Now, Huawei itself kind of accepts this as a partial defeat, as they’ve ordered about 30% fewer components of the upcoming Mate 40 to suppliers than they usually do, as they expect a decline in orders of their flagship device that’s soon to be released. Even though Huawei has confirmed that the Mate 40 will in fact feature the HiSilicon Kirin chipsets inside, it’s highly unlikely that it will be the choice of SoC moving forward in future phones as well, as the US is trying to prevent TMSC from manufacturing further Kirin chipsets for future Huawei smartphones.

In the IFA 2020, Huawei did release a keynote and explained that it won’t be backing down, and will still stand firm to the European market, and provide quality devices for users. However, it’s clear that the company realizes that at least for now, they won’t be getting as many orders or attention to their devices as they used to, and that could spew plenty of problems for the phone manufacturer.

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