Huawei Enjoy 20s Review: A Little Overpriced

Oct 02, 2020 Reviews

Huawei Enjoy 20s Review: A Little Overpriced

Huawei has been facing a lot of adversities lately - mostly from the US and its administration, putting a ban on the usage of Google services for Huawei devices. However, the Chinese phone maker has not taken it as a discouraging feat, as they’re still going strong by releasing phone after phone - and good ones too. Now, they’ve provided us with another phone which looks promising - but perhaps it won’t be as game-changing as other phones have been recently in the mid-range market. The Enjoy 20s is the newest addition to Huawei’s mid-range lineup of phones, as we’ll take a look at whether or not it’s a good device.

The Good

The first thing to notice about the phone is the gigantic screen size, which could be a positive and a negative - but we’ll give Huawei the benefit of the doubt this time. The screen on this phone is 6.8” - a size that will be perfect for users who like to consume media, watch Netflix and play games all day long. The screen itself is an LCD 1080p panel - but it does come with a 90Hz refresh rate, which is definitely a huge plus point for that smooth experience.

Moving on, the phone is also jam packed with power - thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 800 chipset that’s installed inside, along with 6 gigs of RAM - making this phone a great choice for gamers, paired with the smooth display as well. You’ll have no problem running the top game titles on your phone, and everyday social media usage will feel extremely smooth. However, if you’re still not satisfied with the performance, there’s an option to max the RAM out at 8GB, which will definitely fulfil your gaming needs.

enjoy 20s

The Not So Good

Well, the whole phone is pretty impressive to say the least - but when you look at it from the price perspective, it doesn’t seem that good of a deal anymore. The Enjoy 20s is priced around 300 euros - which makes it look underwhelming considering the value you get from other great titles in the market, such as the Poco X3 NFC. Moreover, the price issue gets even more aggravated when you look at it from the perspective of the second issue we’re going to list below.

The Google issue has been talked about for quite some time now in new Huawei devices - but it’s something we just can’t ignore. The absence of Google is definitely not a positive aspect of the phone, and is something that will lure phone users away from Huawei no matter how good of a phone they release. The Chinese giant has been adamant in trying to market its own AppGallery, but it still won’t replace the stability and popularity that Google services had.


The phone itself isn’t too shabby - with a decent triple camera setup in the back which is led by a capable 64MP main shooter, good performance and a screen made for media consumption. However, the issues at hand can’t be ignored, as you can easily get better options as of now in the market - and even better phones from Huawei itself, with the Y9a and Nova 7i. All in all, it’s slightly overpriced, and doesn’t have Google services still - both of which are huge points when making a smartphone purchase.

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