Huawei Asked To Fix Flaws In 5G Network By British Government

Oct 02, 2020 News

Huawei Asked To Fix Flaws In 5G Network By British Government

Huawei has been in a pool of trouble in the past year, as it has been caught up in a trade war between China and The US, as the phone manufacturer has faced plenty of bans and sanctions against it from the US’ administration. The ban includes the exclusion of Google services from Huawei devices, and the stoppage of supply of Kirin chips from TMSC inside the US to Huawei - causing the Chinese giant to look for other options for its main SoC.

Now Huawei is under heat once again, but from The UK now as compared to the US. Huawei’s the main distributor and manufacturer of 5G network coverage in the United Kingdom, thanks to its advancement in the field. However, the UK seems to have gotten worried considering the situation between the Chinese company and perhaps the world’s most powerful country.

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The British Intelligence Agency working alongside Huawei for the network coverage found a critical flaw in the broadband 5G devices made by Huawei which posed “user-facing vulnerabilities”. The government’s intelligence said the issue was due to the poor coding from Huawei’s side, and it needed to be fixed. The issue was highlighted by the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre Oversight Board, a committee made by Huawei and the British government - to let their intelligence look over the Chinese company’s work.

Since then, in the recent annual report of the HCSEC Oversight Board, the flaw has said to be fixed and that it poses no further problems now. However, another major issue has been highlighted in the report, which is said to be due to the “deficiencies in Huawei’s engineering”. This problem was brought up when the government also decided to ban Huawei from making any further 5G network devices for the country - of course due to the tensions with the US.

The incident could have links to the current situation of Huawei with the US, or it could be a legitimate issue - only time will tell.

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