HTC To Release New Desire 20 Pro Next Week

Jun 10, 2020 News

HTC To Release New Desire 20 Pro Next Week

HTC has been a name long forgotten in the smartphone world, as there’s barely anyone who talks about the company’s phones these days, or has for years. The last phone HTC released was around 2 years ago, and it was almost as if the phone was swept under the rug almost immediately after launch because no one ever got to know about it. Perhaps the last phone that gained attention from HTC was the U11+, which was actually a decent flagship device with a good design and nifty features like the squeeze sensor. However, it couldn’t really keep up with the likes of Samsung and Apple in the flagship department, and with phones like the OnePlus and Huawei entering in the race too, there was hardly any space remaining for HTC to fit in. 

However, the company has not given up hope, as they plan to release a new device on the 16th of June, which will be called the Desire 20 Pro. Now we can confirm that the “Pro” in the name won’t really serve any purposes or mean anything related to professional, but we can expect the device to be fairly decent. According to rumours and leaks, we have gotten to know that the Desire 20 Pro will feature a quad camera set up, and according to the Geekbench scores that have come up, it’s likely that the Desire 20 Pro will contain a Snapdragon 660 or 665, which seems very outdated for 2020, but maybe when paired with Android 10, it could work well. The phone will also, for the first time, have a punch-hole front camera setup, and we’re glad HTC is following the trend as well. The screen is going to be a 6.5” FHD+ display, and it’s probably going to be more than just decent for the price it will ship with.

The upcoming Desire phone is probably going to be a lower mid-range device, and that’s why we feel like it’s going to face tough competition from the likes of Xiaomi, Realme and now even Apple and Google with their latest budget devices. And, with the choice of SoC HTC has gone with in 2020, we won’t be surprised if it gets lost behind. However, we do hope that’s not the case, and we’re happy to see HTC making a comeback in the mobile scene after so long. 

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