HP May Be Making An Entry In The Foldable Smartphone Market

Sep 14, 2020 News

HP May Be Making An Entry In The Foldable Smartphone Market

 Hewlett Packardis a formidable player when it comes to laptops, printers, tablets and other gadgets but now it may be jumping onto the fold-able smartphone market. The last time the company introduced a phone was in 2016 and we haven’t seen anything in that front until now. 

Right now, the company seems to be working on a clam-shell fold-able handset, with the design patented with WIPO. This patent was, however, filed in February 2019 and approved on August 13, 2020.   LetsGoDigital provided 3D renders based on the patent sketches to help in better visualizing the device from HP.

The patent describes a bezel-less, flat, flexible phone with an OLED display. The phone will be capable of being able to bend and fold into two positions. The first being right down the middle, in order to shut the phone in a clam-shell format. The second in such a way that you can see the bottom portion of the display when the phone is folded, allowing notifications to be displayed.

Coming to the cameras, the parent describes the phone to have three rear cameras and, in the front, there seems to be no notches or camera holes. This leaves us to speculate that HP is thinking of producing an under-display camera, though we must keep in mind that this is after all, just a design patent. A finger print scanner is not visible but we can assume that this will be under the display as well. In addition, the phone is set to feature a USB Sort-C port on the underside of the phone.

All these features make the phone sound undeniably appealing though unfortunately, it is not certain if HP will announce this phone at any point in time. Due to HP’s reputation, we would love for the company to come out with a smartphone as it would be sure to impress.

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