How To Send Messages As SMS On Google's RCS

Aug 16, 2020 App News

How To Send Messages As SMS On Google's RCS

There are lots of things that the two major Operating Systems in the smartphone world have in contrast to each other. They have completely different functionalities, different looks and approaches. Android is a lot more customizable and malleable as compared to iOS, which focuses rather on simplicity, security and ease of use. However, over the time, both softwares have realized that they have to bring some features from the other OS to give their users the best experience possible - and that’s one of the reasons why a lot of Android users now have RCS messaging on their phones, a Google alternative to Apple’s iMessage.

RCS also operates like iMessage, allowing users to text other contacts using WiFi when both users are connected, and from SMS when they aren’t. However, the SMS option wasn’t as optimized as it is on Apple, and it would take a lot of time (on some occasions) to redirect the message to SMS - which would make it a pain in the neck for most people. However, there is actually a built-in option that’s added to the service by Google which solves that issue for users. All you have to do is send your text, and immediately afterwards just press and hold on the text, and select “send as text instead” as shown below in the screenshot.

This trick was actually inside the RCS messaging app for quite some time, but didn’t really come under the light for a long time amongst users. The RCS messaging feature from Google has been rolling out in several countries, and will hopefully be a global thing soon enough.

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