How To Make Android 11 More Efficient!

Sep 11, 2020 News

How To Make Android 11 More Efficient!

Android 11 was released two days ago for multiple phones of different manufacturers that got the privilege of receiving the update on the same day - even though that's usually just a Pixel only thing but Google was kind enough to let others get a piece of the cake too. The new Android update came with lots of nifty little features that improves your overall phone experience - and we're here to help you take it a step further. Here are three ways you can make your phone a lot more efficient thanks to Android 11.

Notification History


So remember back in the Android 10 days, when you'd get a notification and you'd mistaken swipe it away, or click on that button which swept away all the notifications in the shade - yes we understand how painful that was and still is. However, Android 11 understands that too, and is bringing a great solution for that. Notification History basically allows all your notifications to go in the notification history bar first, where you'll be able to see all of them together even if you've swiped them away. The issue is that this feature is turned off initially - but it's easy to turn it on though. Just go to Settings > Apps > Notifications > Notification History and turn it on and you're good to go!

Priority Notifications

Android 11

Notifications are a huge deal in Android 11, as Google wants you to not miss a single piece of information with the new update. With priority notifications, which you set by long pressing a notification and putting it as a priority, can be of a lot of help - as once a contact or source is prioritized by you, it would show up on top of any other notification and will even have a display picture of that person if it's a contact. It will even appear in a bubble chat format if it's one of the messaging apps that supports the feature, so you won't ever miss your important information ever again. 

Adjust Your Power Settings


If you're a smart home sorta person, with an Alexa at home and you have smart LED lighting all over your place, then you'll love this function. Basically, now when you hold the power key, you get a bunch of new smart home settings and a lot more, in which you can control your home's lighting and other smart features from that menu - as it's an organized shelf of features that help you control everything smart around your place.

Now these are just some of the new features that have come to Android 11, as it seems like a great overall upgrade from the previous Android version. We hope you try one of the features we've mentioned above to make the most out of your phone on Android 11! 

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