Honor X10 Max Is Finally Announced: Specs Revealed

Jun 23, 2020 News

Honor X10 Max Is Finally Announced: Specs Revealed

Huawei’s Honor brand of devices have mostly been in the shadows of Huawei’s own flagship series, like the Mate and P devices. Honor seemed to be sidelined by Huawei and not given as much attention by users or the company. The lack of attention Honor phones get in comparison to other Huawei devices is a shame, because they are quality devices with great specs at affordable prices. Now, they’re bringing a new series into the market, with the Honor X10 and now the Honor X10 Max. The previous X series from Honor, being the 9X had no Max version, but the 8X did, and the company seems to be bringing the trend of large phones back. We were waiting on whether or not the X10 would get a Max version, and it’s finally announced on Weibo that the phone will be unveiled in the first week of July.

We’ve gotten our hands on some of the specs for the X10 Max, and it’s going to be a ridiculously large phone. The device will also come with 5G enabled, which means you will be able to take advantage of all the fast speed benefits of 5G if you live in a supported area. Other information we have on the spec lists show that the phone will boast a massive 7.09” display, which will cause a division amongst users - with some liking the big form factor, and some being on the contrary side. One thing we can all agree on about the screen is that it will be a decent panel, with FHD+ resolution and reportedly good color reproduction overall. Media consumption and gaming will feel great on the phone, but normal day to day tasks like social media usage might not, as one handed use is going to be an issue at all times. On the build side, the picture on Weibo shows a water-drop notch in front, which is a bit outdated for 2020 standards, but still looks good nonetheless.

Moving on, the large screen also means that the phone will be quite heavy as compared to other devices, as the specs show that it will have a weight of 227g, which is bulky to say the least. This could be a dealbreaker for some, but most users won’t really mind the extra few grams of weight for a better media experience and a bigger battery. Talking about the battery, the phone features a 5000 mAh cell, which is going to be enough to last you a day and a half at least, and will also have 22.5W fast charging capabilities in the bag to juice your phone up quickly.

If we’re talking about the performance side of things, then this phone will likely feature a Dimensity 800 MediaTek processor as per the spec sheet, but we’re still not sure. However, if they do decide to choose this SoC, then you can expect a solid performance out of the phone. You’ll get an Antutu of about 315,000, which is enough to run most of the heavy graphic games on high settings and smooth frame rates without noticing any lag whatsoever. Daily tasks will seem like a breeze and it will all tie in smoothly with the software as well considering the fact that the X10 Max will come with Android 10.

However, one negative thing from the software side of things - and you might have seen it coming - is that the phone won’t have Google Play services, and that can definitely be a dealbreaker for this and other upcoming Huawei owned devices.

We hope Huawei can reconcile with Google somehow, or make their own services be as good and offer the apps that Google Play Store does.

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