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Aug 02, 2021

Honor 50 is all set to get unveiled on 6th June

Jun 03, 2021 News

Honor 50 is all set to get unveiled on 6th June

The company just showcased a teaser with abstract images of the upcoming Honor 50 and released the date and details of the launch. It’s fully set to make it’s entry in market, at least in China it’ll release on 6th June. 

People have high expectations and excited to see the honor 50 reveal in full. Since the Honor departure from Huawei this new comer is more prominent in the international market.

honor 50

As the company teased with launch videos and few details audience is well aware what to exactly expect from Honor 50. As reported previously too, Goolge services are now available in Honor upcoming products. That eventually means a full access to Playstore as it reaches the international market unlike Huawei P50’s AppGallery alternatives. 

Currently, the Honor 50 is expected to be released in standard, Pro and Pro+ forms. All the versions are focused on camera. While the main focus is camera arrangements, the top of the line model will flaunt a 50 mega pixel main camera, 13 mega pixel ultra wide and 8 mega pixel telephoto lens. Also, it’ll feature time of flight sensor that will make the portrait more far better. 

Evidently, Honor 50 will be a true flagship phone at top end as well. It’s featuring Qualcomm’s snapdragon 888 platform performing well to run things. The display will feature a 6.97 inch AMOLED panel with refresh rate of 120Hz. 

It seems like Honor 50 will be coming in market with some of the most promising features and 2021 could be a great year for Honor. However, we can find out more about what exactly it has packed to offer the consumers on the launch day that is 6th June, 2021. With top tier features, powerful platform and fantastic camera. We have high hopes from Honor 50. 

honor 50

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