HarmonyOS 2.0 Rollout To Huawei Devices Schedule Leaked

Oct 06, 2020 News

HarmonyOS 2.0 Rollout To Huawei Devices Schedule Leaked

Huawei has been looking to get everything of its own - with features ranging from the app store to its very own operating system now. The Chinese manufacturer is keen on being completely self-sufficient and not rely on any other company - or at least an American one, to make stuff for them, as after the trade war has occurred between China and The US, Huawei has gotten its leg stuck in between, and has suffered greatly at the hand of the US administration.

We heard rumours and the upcoming of Huawei’s own operating system, which they were calling HarmonyOS 2.0 - as it’s edging closer towards replacing AndroidOS on all Huawei devices soon. Huawei decided to shift all of its side tech devices - such as Smart TVs, bands and everything else on HarmonyOS 2.0 - devices which didn’t require much RAM. The next part of the rolling out was to be on smartphones - and according to a poster on Weibo, the stages of the phones that will be getting the OS upgrade has been leaked. Check it out for yourself.

First batch: Kirin 9000

Second batch: Kirin 990 5G

Third batch: Kirin 990 4G (partial), 985, 820 (partial)

Fourth batch: Kirin 980, 990 4G (partial), 820 (partial)

Final batch: Kirin 810, 710 (partial)

The first batch will oversee phones with the Kirin 9000 getting shifted to HarmonyOS 2.0 - which is just the Mate 40 series, which are expected to release soon. In the following match, the Kirin 990 phones will get the rollout, which includes the P40 and Mate 30 in some regions. This will continue on and on and even phones with the Kirin 710 are expected to get the update - although it might take some time. The partial part in the picture above might mean that not all phones running that specific chipset will get the update to HarmonyOS 2.0.

If this shift turns out to be successful for the Chinese giant, it’s going to bring lots of new sales and success for them, as Android looks to be in more and more dangerous waters for Huawei, considering it’s also owned by Google. The US has also apparently tried to stop the supply of Kirin chips to Huawei, which is a major reason as to why the Mate 40 hasn’t come to the market yet - another reason being the omission of Google services from their phones.

All in all, this could be a make or break for Huawei, and we hope it’s the prior considering how much the company has already suffered.

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