Google Will Now Show The Name Of Verified Businesses When They Call You

Sep 08, 2020 News

Google Will Now Show The Name Of Verified Businesses When They Call You

Phone calls are an extremely important aspect of our lives - being humans, we feel the urge to stay in contact with our loved ones. Things like texting, phone calls and even video calls have been invented so that you could be miles away from your family or friends, but still be able to hear their voice or see their face in real time - so that you could find the next best thing to meeting them personally.

But, phone calls can also be extremely dangerous for users. They can be the source of online threats, scams, people tracking you down and a lot more. Hence, a lot of the times when someone receives a call from an unknown number, people tend to ignore the call or just reject the call. Even though this is done to maintain safety for users, it can have a negative impact on businesses and companies who want to target customers through calls - but can not do so due to their number being shown as unknown for users.

However, Google has released a newer way for companies to safely and properly target customers - and to not get hung up on, as they’re rolling out a Verified ID system for businesses for calls.

Verified IDs Will Ensure Better Answer Rates From Customers

Basically what this feature will present is, that once a user receives a call from a business or company, the name of that exact company is going to be displayed instead of their number - even if the user does not have their number saved. Moreover, it’s going to say “Verified” on top to let users know it’s not a bogus call - and that it’s from the company itself. This will allow for better answer rates for businesses, and it will make users feel safer when answering calls, instead of getting a random unknown number on their screens.

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The feature is currently rolling out to U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Spain and India - and will roll out to the rest of the world soon after as well. It was in trial testing - in partnership with companies, and produced positive results according to Google.

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