Youtube Music Will Now Show Up When You Search For A Music Album On Google

Aug 11, 2020 App News

Youtube Music Will Now Show Up When You Search For A Music Album On Google

Google’s Youtube Music has seen a surge in popularity from users, as Google is positive about the service’s potential and future, and the capacity for it to grow. Google also recently announced the end of their much popular Play Music app, which was the go-to music app for most Android users. The reason being that Youtube Music was getting too big for it to not have Google’s entire focus, and that’s why it kept no place for Play Music, as it was just a worse version of YT Music.

Now YT Music has seen another upgrade come its way, as Google is trying to integrate the service with all of its other platforms to make sure the maximum number of people are familiarized with it. Whenever you search for an album of an artist on Google, you get relevant information on the search engine, such as the track list, lyrics of a popular song from the album and other important details of the album itself. You also get the option to listen to the album on the major streaming apps, and Google now lists Youtube Music as the first option in that list of streaming services. This is done so that people click on YT Music and make it their first choice of music streaming app - and it’s working for the most part. The app won’t start automatic playback when you click on it, but the album will be opened with the tracklist in front of you.


Even though most albums show the option to play them on YT Music, it’s surprising that the same can’t be done for individual music titles. Google only shows YT Music in the list of streaming services when you search for an album - as it just doesn’t show up if you search for the artist or songs even. Nonetheless, it’s a good step for the growth of Google’s current primary music streaming app, and it will definitely play a part in helping it increase its user base.

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